ZIP 96761, Kaanapali, Maui

ZIP 96761, Kaanapali, Maui

“I think a child has a need of trees to climb in order that he may grow, that he may convert his idle moments into meaningful experiences, that he may be challenged by the highest branches of life. Pity the child without a tree to climb. But pity more the adult who looks upon the tree-climbing child, and cannot see in his own adult life an adventure, a thrill, a challenge that captivates him as the tree captivated the child. Pity the adult without a tree to climb. How sad it is to find a person who would never open a new book, discover a new zip code, or stretch his mind in wonder at what lies even beyond the next step above him. To say nothing of what lies beyond the stars or what lies within his own self.” -Jess Duran, from Maui zip code 96761


Don’t be defeated by all the human reasons of “can’t.” Climb a tree! Get a better view! Make your commitment:

The Tree of Aspiration: All the land you see is yours; any and all zip codes.

The Tree of Dedication: Make your life a service station to help others; get out of your own zip code and find someone who needs help.

The Tree of Humility: Don’t become your own follower. Be willing to obey the Laws of Life and be receptive to inner guidance.



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